Let your sword do the talking

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Bruce Blackbullclan chieftain

Step into the boots of Bruce Blackbull, a mighty warrior whose entire clan was wiped out by the enslaving Technodruids. Your rage will fuel an epic, bloody, vengeful, gruesome, bloody (yes, we know we said 'bloody' twice!) rampage across the land!

The Game

Return to the simpler days of third-person fighting games! WarHeart is a single-player action adventure game set in an idyllic fantasy medieval land. Wield your blade with conviction in gritty and witty mass melees and try to deal more brutal wounds than you receive.


  • Precise sword mechanics
  • Ragdoll dismemberment
  • Open spaces perfect for bloodbaths
  • Epic mass melees
  • Swords that talk (too much)
  • Savage boss levels


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